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GPL Designers Server Important Update

Due to server high load and speed issues we decided to drop all old data and re-create fresh data during that period no need to get confused or worried , relax and be patientce.

  1. Our Respected Members all the memberships will be restored as the catalog / products will be published and given access to your account, You will receive password reset notification to reset your password .

  2. Respected Old Customers during long customers list and parked users we will not restore data as its new year with new start, We apologise about it and you have to buy it again (Only Those Purchases which already recieved yearly updates).

  3. During anouncement period till the new update in between time period new joiners customers can contact us once the site will be live with single purchase invoice rest of all invoices will be added automatically to your account and updates priority will be granted.
  4. If any Member / Customer or user have any objection or need any changing in coming update please feel free to share or suggest us your satisfication is so important to us.

We will keep updating this section as the requests and suggestions we will recieve.


Coming 2022 update for fast performence & miner issues fixes